Project Coordinator


Adress                  :  Fatih Mahallesi Güvercin Sokak Özel İdare İşhanı Kat:2, Gölhisar, BURDUR , TR

Web site              :  golhisar.meb.gov.tr

E-mail                   : golhisar15@meb.gov.tr

Project Information

Identifier                 : 2016-1-TR01-KA202034799

Start Date               : Sep 30, 2016

And Date                : Sep 30, 2018

EC Contribution  : EUR

Partners                 : Macdac Engineering Consultancy Bureau Ltd – MECB , European Learning Network Ltd – ELN


Project Summary

The International Labour Organization states that about 88.2 million young women and men are unemployed all over the world and make up 47% of the total of 185.9 million unemployed, and many more young people live in the informal economy fighting for long hours at low wages. The challenge we face today in the world is to ensure that education is meaningful and more inclusive (UNICEF). Education is widely accepted as one of the most critical tools to overcome developmental challenges. However, the focus is on the learning issue and the education system does not actively encourage students to think and take responsibility on their own. It neglects the importance of developing a creative mentality among children, which means that as a tool for personal development, the precept is severely hampered by such a form of education.

The report prepared by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry states that although the entrepreneurship indicates that most European countries include national curricula for vocational training, at least to some extent they indicate that the programs and activities included in these reports are different. There is a large gap in intensity and effectiveness and a gap to fill general perception . This constituted the basis of our project.

This project is designed as an action-research project, which is the ultimate aim of preparing instructional material for the trainers to encourage entrepreneurship among vocational training students.

The aim of the project is to design a curriculum that addresses some of the existing shortcomings of the education system, closing the gap between the needs of the economies of the country and the needs of VET students.

Within the scope of the project, Gölhisar District National Education Directorate, ELN from England and MECP from Malta established a partnership. To contribute to filling the gap between countries and encourage entrepreneurship among members of the professions, the partners of the project will work on the international platform to conduct field research, identify deficiencies, define good practices and exchange good experience and practice. The project will take 2 years and during this time there will be 4 international meetings. The first and last meetings will be hosted by the coordinator and the other two will be hosted by the partners. These will be fruitful in terms of international meetings, workshops, exchange exchanges. Among the meetings, workshop workouts will be tested and audited to optimize entrepreneurship training in professional techniques. In this period, partners will collaborate interactively with VET students. At the end of the project the partnership will produce a guide for entrepreneurship education and teachers in the VET module. During the project, partners will be contacted and a website will be designed to create an online platform where project work and output are shared. The partnership module will be implemented through a pilot program and local and national authorities will ensure that entrepreneurship training is promoted in vocational education and training. The project is expected to create awareness among vocational education teachers and students about entrepreneurship and vitality for individual and social well-being. In addition, the project will provide well-structured entrepreneurship training in the professional mode under its guidance. In addition, the project will lay the groundwork for future research and initiatives.