In Gölhisar District Directorate of National Education, there are 1 District National Education Director, 2 District National Education Branch Manager, 3 Chiefs, 4 VHKI, 4 servants. There are 20 Directors, 2 Chief Assistant Principals and 20 Assistant Principals in the schools in the province.

There are 3964 students in the region.primary and secondary 2251, high school 1512,independent kindergarten 201.There are 285 teachers, 13 Vhki officers, 3 chiefs and 24 servants. 285 Teachers are working in pre-school, 72 at primary schools, 106 at secondary schools and 86 at high schools. There are 28 schools together with village schools.The schooling rate is 100% and there are 16 students in primary school, 17 students in secondary school and 22 students in high school per classroom.The number of students rate Per teacher is 15.47 in primary school, 11.40 in secondary school and 15.40 in high school.The number of mobile teaching students are,174 students at primary and secondary school and 225 students at high schools.

According to 2016 data, LYS success rate is 63.34% and TEOG success rate is 85.79%.